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Magnetic property in 2D Materials

Keywords : Mangetic property, 2D Materials , Data storage

The magnetic properties of 2D materials enable high-performance technologies such as magnetic storage devices, improving data storage and transmission speeds, and finding applications in sensors and quantum computing. Additionally, these materials contribute to innovative fields like magnetic shape memory devices and energy conversion, impacting areas such as nanorobotics and energy harvesting devices. In summary, 2D materials, driven by advanced magnetic technologies, play a crucial role in advancing various modern technologies.

Defect engineering in 2D materials

Keywords : Photonics, Colour center, hBN, TMDs, CVD grown MoS2, Defect, Atom vacancy, Optical Property


Defect engineering in 2D materials, like graphene, TMDs, and hBN, is a vibrant field in fundamental science. Introducing defects induces significant changes, leading to novel electronic structures and tailored optical features. This research offers insights into governing principles, paving the way for optimized applications in electronics, catalysis, and photonics, with potential benefits for semiconductor devices and batteries, enhancing overall performance and efficiency.

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